Live blogging – reflection on assignment

I thought the live blogging assignment on the Opening Ceremony of the Games was a great exercise. These days we see a lot of live-updated articles around the web. Almost every sporting event is now live-blogged as journalists update the page regularly to give readers the scores and action during the match. As easy as I thought it was gonna be, I was very surprised about the amount of work it actually represents. Even though Russell told us journalists are generally given a handout with key information before the event, we didn’t have any and multi tasking is pretty hard when you have to watch, blog, and find out information at the same time. Also, trying to describe every single action is something very hard not to be tempted to do but very often – if not always – involves missing the next one.

In the end I was really happy to have done it. It allows a journalist to be very spontaneous (bad/good way) and stay in touch with the readers as they can respond through social media i.e. Twitter